Race Report: Chasing the A License and Winning In The Process (iRacing)

Another 'Race Report' video, this one dedicated to the 'Road To A License' challenge on iRacing, bringing to you the highlights of a race win in the NTT IndyCar Series - Oval - Fixed, at Atlanta Motor Speedway.


During these last months, we have been passionately trying to build our grownd towards the four A licenses available on iRacing, as we chase the completion of our ‘Road to A License’ challenge in the sim. We must complete this task soon, before we get into our next challenges on this virtual racing platform, but more experienced we are now able to better perform in Road or Oval, Dirt Road or Dirt Oval.

The video we are releasing here, which you can only see through OnWheelsTV, shows the best moments of a race we performed some weeks ago in Atlanta Motor Speedway, a track that has become very special for us, providing us more than the once the feeling of sweet victory. The race is one of the latest in the NTT IndyCar Series – Oval – Fixed, using the officially licensed Dallara IR18, specifically the one from Atlantic Motorsport.

There could be several ways to evolve on iRacing and rightfully complete our goal of holding the four A licenses available. We could do it with ‘time trials’, we could do it by getting way above 3.0 of safety rating, being promoted in the 13th season, but none of that seduces us. We like challenges and so, we do it on track, in pure competition, racing. It has been, lots of times, stressful and mind consuming, sometimes incredibly damaging to our iRating, but we do believe that with our growing experience, we will minimize our losses and maximize evolution.

We will be bringing to you, almost on a daily basis, ‘Race Report’ videos of this incredibly demanding but passionate challenge. Hope you enjoy. Of course, with our videos a photo gallery is also included.

Text: Jorge Cabrita – Screens: OnWheelsTV

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