Review: Pukekohe Park Raceway in Tatuus FT-60 for rFactor 2

The latest of several tracks from New Zealand, courtesy of Engineering Consult.NL, all of them raced by the Tatuus FT-60 from Toyota Gazoo Racing series.


Pukekohe Park Raceway is the latest track released by Engineering Consult.NL for rFactor 2. Located in New Zealand, in the Auckland region, this is one of the most iconic circuits in the North Island. It has been host of the australian V8 Supercars, among many other important racing events, including the Toyota Gazoo Racing Series. And it is basically because of this open wheeler competition that we opted to use in this Review the Tatuus FT-60. Powered by Toyota and recently added to the sim by Studio 397, the Tatuus FT-60 is the car used in the TGRS, the latest to be included in the Tatuus Spectacular pack.

The track is 2.9 km long, existing since 1963. It is, probably, the fastest racing circuit in New Zealand and one to be extremely fun on rFactor 2. With fast sections mixed with chicanes and slow corners, it will definitely be used for great sim racing competitions, since its layout is spectacular on a series of cars available in this motorsports simulator.

As for the Tatuus FT-60, it is another work of art from Studio 397, one of the best single seaters currently available in the sim. We had a lot of fun driving this car in Pukekohe Park Raceway, acknowledging how demanding it is in terms of physics. The package from this car and the several tracks from Engineering Consult.NL is in our modest opinion, unmissable!

Text: Jorge Cabrita – Screens: OnWheelsTV

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